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Sewer Rate Modification Notice

For 2019, the basic monthly service charge will continue to be $12.00. The MATSF service charge is billed to all
customers regardless of water use and is primarily utilized for fixed costs such as debt service (repayment of
loans), insurance, billing and similar costs. Commencing with your next (February) bill, the consumption charge
will increase from $10.85/thousand gallons to $11.50/thousand gallons. This is directly a result of ALCOSAN’s
2019 rate increase as discussed in detail in the MATSF 2019 budget. See the full article here : January 2019 Billing Insert

MATSF Awards Contract for Upgrades to Millers Run Trunk Sewer

During their March meeting, the Authority Board awarded a contract for the upgrade of portions of the Millers Run Trunk Sewer to the low bidder, Kukurin Contracting Inc. from Export PA, in the amount of $2,542, 245.   The project includes installation of approximately 8,750 feet of sanitary sewer, manholes and related appurtenances.   The work will take place in 2 zones; the first zone will be between Newbury Drive and the Magistrate’s Office; the second zone will be in the vicinity of Cuddy Lane between Morgan Hill Road and Millers Run Road.   No significant traffic disruptions are anticipated.  However, while work is in progress on Cuddy Lane, it is envisioned that traffic will be restricted on that street for the local businesses only.   Kukurin plans to commence pipe installation in mid-April.   The overall project will be completed by October.   Contact the Municipal Authority office at 412-257-5100 with any questions regarding this project

MATSF Executes Consent Order with Allegheny County Health Department

During the course of 2015, MATSF joined with the other 82 communities tributary to ALCOSAN to negotiate an “interim” Consent Order with regulatory agencies (PaDEP and ACHD).  This interim order is intended to bridge the gap between 2004 Consent Orders executed by those communities and an ultimate long term orders (anticipated by 2018) which would specify capital improvements to be undertaken by ALCOSAN and the tributary communities.   The projected long term regional costs are in excess of $2 Billion Dollars.   Until the final orders are developed, the interim order mandates that ALCOSAN tributary communities take specific actions to reduce infiltration/inflow (see attached article explaining infiltration/inflow) within their respective systems.   The fully executed order can be viewed via this link:  ACHD_MATSF_Interim_Consent_Order_Final_Executed

MATSF Feasibility Study

The ACO (Administrative Consent Order) process culminated in the preparation of a feasibility study by each community tributary to ALCOSAN. The feasibility studies are intended to provide specific actions that each tributary municipality or Authority envisions implementing between now and 2026 to curtail sewer system overflows. That report can be viewed by clicking here: CC_feasibility201307