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Monthly sewage bills from South Fayette Township Municipal Authority are typically mailed in the first week of each month.  Customers have previously been notified of the change in sewage billing as a result of Pennsylvania American Water Company’s decision to discontinue inclusion of sewage bills as part of their monthly water bill.  Customers may now register for online access to your sewage account by clicking on the Customer Billing Portal link below.  Note that the registration approval process for the online system may take up to 2 business daysFor customers that have previously submitted ACH forms for automatic payment of your sewer bill from your checking account, please be reminded that those automatic withdraws take up to a full billing cycle to become effective.  For those customers that have not yet filled out an ACH form, but desire to do so, click here.  Also, see the billing frequently asked questions section of our website for more information regarding the new sewage billing process.

Sewage Rates for 2017:

Your monthly sewage bill consists of a basic service charge and a consumption charge based on water use. For 2016, Your monthly sewage bill consists of a basic service charge and a consumption charge based on water use.  For 2017, the basic monthly service charge will continue to be $12.00.  The MATSF service charge is billed to all customers regardless of water use and is primarily utilized for fixed costs such as debt service (repayment of loans), insurance, billing and similar costs.   Commencing with your February bill, the consumption charge will increase from $9.50/thousand gallons to $10.25/thousand gallons.  This is primarily related to ALCOSAN’s 2017 rate increase as discussed in detail in the MATSF 2017 budget.  The entire 2017 MATSF budget is viewable on our website.  For a typical residential customer using 4,000 gallons of water/month, this will result in an increase of $4.00 per month, from $50.00 to $53.00.   The graphics below depict the portion of sewer charges that are retained by MATSF, and the amount that is paid to ALCOSAN for regional sewage conveyance and treatment.   For the typical residential customer, ALCOSAN will receive $32.48 (61.3%) of the $53.00.

Click here to see the entire listing of MATSF RATES/FEES.  

The entire 2015 rate resolution can be viewed by clicking here:  RESOLUTION 183


Authorization Agreement for Direct Payments (ACH Debit)

Click Here for Customer Billing: Frequently Asked Questions



Informational Billing Insert for January 2017
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