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MATSF receives “GROW” grant offer from ALCOSAN

In 2017, MATSF expended $147,262 for rehabilitation work on various sewers segments of the Millers Run Trunk Sewer between the Allegheny/Washington County line and the South Fayette Volunteer Fire Department.    The key aspects of the work included pipe lining and joint grouting to reduce groundwater leaking into the sanitary sewer and to address locations where roots had intruded into various pipe joints.   A grant application was filed with ALCOSAN as part of the first round of their “GROW” grant program (Green Revitalization of Our Waterways Program).  While ALCOSAN rejected the grant request during that round, they invited MATSF to re-apply in 2019.  Subsequently, ALCOSAN announced a grant offer in the amount of $35,800, or 24% of the project costs.  The GROW grant agreement was recently executed by both MATSF and ALCOSAN, and upon completion of a final report, the funds are anticipated to be received during the first quarter of 2020.