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Lateral Replacement Rebate Program

Property owner’s should be aware that a Lateral Replacement Rebate Program exists that may allow for the contribution of funds (as described below), to the cost of the pipe replacement/relining.  This Rebate Program is not only available during a Time-of-Sale inspection, but may also be available to property owners performing driveway replacement, extensive landscaping or ongoing sewer lateral problems repairs.

In the event that the lateral is found to be defective based on the criteria established in the Rules & Regulations, the entire pipe must be replaced or relined with limited exceptions for spot repairs. It is important to note that lateral defects that are identified within MATSF easements and under roads will generally be repaired by the Authority at no direct cost to the property owner. Should you be notified that a lateral has failed the inspection, you will need to secure prices for the pipe replacement/relining to be done by a registered master plumber in accordance with Allegheny County Plumbing Code.

However, the Authority will contribute $1,000 to the cost of the pipe replacement/relining work plus an additional $5.00/foot for any pipe replacement exceeding 100’.  All property owners are eligible for this contribution for replacing their lateral independent as to whether the property is being sold. No contribution will be made by MATSF toward spot repairs should they be authorized. The Authority budgets funds on an annual basis for this incentive program and reserves the right to modify or eliminate this program in future budget years.