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Time of Sale – No Lien

For all property transfers you are required to complete a No-Lien Letter Application and a Dye Test / Lateral Inspection Application. Please contact the Municipal Authority office for any questions at 412-257-5100 during normal business hours.


If a sale of a home/business occurs, a Lateral Inspection is required. If a Lateral Inspection has already been performed within a 3-year period, a new inspection is not required, unless the buyer is requesting one to be performed. South Fayette Municipal Authority only certifies the condition of the lateral as of the date of the most recent inspection, and cannot warrant that changes have not occurred since that date.

Even though the Lateral Inspection is not mandated in this instance, the basic Dye Test is still required for a $50 fee for all transfers of property. Dye Test / Lateral Inspection Instructions

If any questions or concerns please contact our office at (412) 257-5100.

The South Fayette Township Municipal Authority will adjust rates for the combined dye test/sanitary sewer lateral video inspection at time of property sale as follows:

Effective January 4th, 2022 the base fee for the combined dye test/lateral video inspection will be increased from $175.00 to $225.00 for up to 100’ of lateral inspected. Any lateral greater than 100’ in length will have an additional inspection charge of $0.50 per foot. Should the inspection be requested to be done after 2:00p.m. on weekdays or within 7 business days of a proposed property closing, the combined fee for the first 100’ of lateral inspection will be $325.00. The cost for the Authority no-lien letter is $25.00. No Lien Application

In order for property owner to address any observed defects in a timely fashion, it is recommended that this inspection be done as soon as possible upon property listing. Failure to comply with the Authority’s Rules & Regulations can result in penalties and fines including legal costs.

Dye Test / Lateral Inspection (Application for Documentation of Certification):

Temporary Certification Documents:

Certain local plumbers have provided information to MATSF indicating a willingness to provide quotes to property owners requiring lateral replacement.  Click here for a list of those plumber’s provided information:  PLUMBERS INFORMATION

In the event that the lateral is found to be defective based on the criteria established in the Rules & Regulations, the entire pipe must be replaced or relined with limited exceptions for spot repairs. It is important to note that lateral defects that are identified within MATSF easements and under roads will generally be repaired by the Authority at no direct cost to the property owner.

Should you be notified that a lateral has failed the inspection, you will need to secure prices for the pipe replacement/relining to be done by a registered master plumber in accordance with Allegheny County Plumbing Code. However, the Authority will contribute $1,000 to the cost of the pipe replacement/relining work plus an additional $5.00/foot for any pipe replacement exceeding 100’. All property owners are eligible for this contribution for replacing their lateral independent as to whether the property is being sold. No contribution will be made by MATSF toward spot repairs should they be authorized. The Authority budgets funds on an annual basis for this incentive program and reserves the right to modify or eliminate this program in future budget years.