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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Billing FAQ

What are my options for paying my bill?

Click here for payment options.

Can I sign up for ACH payments from my checking account?

Yes, you will be able to pay by ACH from your checking account.   Please click here for ACH form and instructions.

Why is the sewage bill not on the water bill anymore?

Change in sewage billing is a result of Pennsylvania American Water Company’s decision to discontinue inclusion of sewage bills as a part of their monthly water bill.

How is my sewage bill calculated ?

Your sewage bill is calculated based on your water usage from Pennsylvania American Water Company.  Click here for details of the current RATES and FEES.

What is the Service Charge ?

This charge is a flat fee charged to all customers and is primarily used to pay for debt service (outstanding Authority loan for various capital improvements to the sewer system/pump stations), costs of billing and certain other fixed costs.   ALCOSAN (the regional sewage treatment facility) also imposes a service charge to MATSF for each customer which is included as part of the MATSF service charge.   

How often will I receive my sewage bill?

Sewage bills are generated monthly.

General Questions

How do I contact the South Fayette Municipal Authority ?

The Municipal Authority is located at:
700 Holland Street
Bridgeville, PA 15017

Phone: 412-257-5100
Email: sewerbilling@sftwp.com

What is required if I am selling my home ?

For all property transfers you are required to complete a No-Lien Letter Application and a Dye Test / Lateral Inspection Application. Please contact the Municipal Authority office for any questions at 412-257-5100 during normal business hours.
(Click here for Forms and Instructions)

What is required for new construction ?

For all new construction, an Application for Sewer Service and/or Sewer Service Connection must be obtained in person at the South Fayette Municipal Offices during normal business hours.

How do I contact a local plumber familiar with the lateral replacement program ?

The following provides plumbers who have registered with MATSF to provide service to residents: Registered Plumbers

What is a fresh air (Pittsburgh) vent and where should it be located ?

Can I get Credit for filling my swimming pool ?

NO, County and State rules require that swimming pool water, when discharged, should be routed to your sanitary sewer.  Therefore, water used to fill the pool is presumed to ultimately be discharged to the sanitary sewer. The following article provides additional information: DEP Reminds Pool Owners About Wastewater Rules