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The following are provided for viewing/printing.  Hard copies may be obtained at the Municipal Authority Office during normal business hours.

Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations and Specifications for Construction of Sanitary Sewer Lines and Appurtenances (63 pages w/bookmarks, 600k)
Appendix A, Specifications
Appendix A, Basic Design and Construction Parameter Checklist
Appendix A, Table of Contents
Appendix A, Parts I through IV
Appendix A, Listing of Referenced Standards and Publications
Appendix A, Listing of Supplemental Standard Detailed Drawings
STANDARD DETAIL DRAWINGS: (individual drawings approx. 250k each)
Complete File of All Standard Detail Drawings (35 drawings w/thumbnails, 7.5meg)
SD-001, Tench pipe Zone Details
SD-002, Pipe Bedding Details
SD-003, Trench Backfill through Woods, Fields or other Unimproved Locations (left intentionally blank)
SD-004, Trench Backfill within Roadway or Street Berms
SD-005, Trench Backfill and Pavement Placement Requirements for Township Roads
SD-006, Desired Distances Between Water and Sewer pipes
SD-007, Gravity Sewer and Force Main Constructed Parallel in Common Trench
SD-008, Steel Casing and D.I. or PVC Carrier Pipes Installed by Boring
SD-009, Steel Casing and D.I. or PVC Carrier Pipes Installed by Boring (left intentionally blank)
SD-010, Precast Concrete Manhole for Sewers 8″ to 18″
SD-010a, Manhole Joint Encapsulation System
SD-011, Precast Concrete Manhole for Sewers 24″ to 42″
SD-012, Precast Manhole Base Detail
SD-013, Manhole for Sewers for Depths Greater than 5 Feet
SD-014, Manhole Connection for PVC Pipe (Precast Base)
SD-015, Manhole Connection for PVC Pipe (Cast-in-place Base)
SD-016, Outside Manhole Drop Connection
SD-017, Inside Manhole Drop Connection
SD-018, Standard Cast Iron Manhole Frame and Cover
SD-019, Watertight Manhole Frame and Cover
SD-020, Manhole Inflow Protector
SD-021, Polypropylene Plastic Manhole Step
SD-022, Service Line Connections
SD-023, Typical Service Lateral Connections
SD-024, Service Connections
SD-025, Service Connection to Sanitary Sewer from a New Installation
SD-026, Building Sewer Trap Details
SD-027, Small Diameter Force Main Connection
SD-028, Concrete Anchors and Methods of Laying Mains Under Obstructions
SD-029, Concrete Thrust Blocking
SD-030, Sewage Air and Vacuum Release Valve and Manhole
SD-031, Precast Concrete Manhole Vault
SD-032, Concrete Anchors for Pipelines
SD-033, Pipe Support Piers for Alignments above Original Undisturbed Ground or Uncontrolled Fill Areas
SD-034, On Line and End Line Cleanout for 6″ and 8″ PVC Sewer
SD-035, Site Tee / Cleanout in Paved Areas
Appendix B, Pretreatment Regulations of the Allegh. County Sanitary Authority
Appendix C, Requirements for Sanitary Sewer Service Line and Sewer Service Connections (see Standard detail Drawings 025, 026, 035 above)
Appendix D, Development of Sewer Tap-In and Connection Fees
Appendix G, Enforcement Resolution
Appendix H, Right to Know/Open Record Resolution & Records Retention Resolution