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Sewer Rate Modification Notice

For 2021, the basic monthly service charge will continue to be $12.00. The MATSF service charge is billed to all
customers regardless of water use and is primarily utilized for fixed costs such as debt service (repayment of
loans), insurance, billing and similar costs. Commencing with your next (February) bill, the consumption charge
will increase from $12.15/thousand gallons to $12.85/thousand gallons. This is directly a result of ALCOSAN’s
2021 rate increase as discussed in detail in the MATSF 2021 budget.

See the following links:

January 2021 Rate Modification

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New Service / Tap-In

Developers Agreement

Public / Site Improvements



New Service / Tap-In

Connection Charge Notice

Refer to Resolution 201 for detailed calculations for connection charges.

For instructions regarding installation of a new service (lateral), please refer to the following Rules & Regulations:

APPENDIX C, Requirements for Sanitary Sewer Service Line and Sewer Service Connections

SD-022, Service Line Connections

SD-023, Typical Service Lateral Connections

SD-024, Service Connections

SD-025, Service Connection to Sanitary Sewer from a New Installation

SD-026, Building Sewer Trap Details

Recent Resolutions

The following recent key resolutions are provided for viewing/printing.  Hard copies may be obtained at the Municipal Authority Office during normal business hours.

Resolution 204 Effective 2020 Rates and fees associated with wastewater collection, conveyance and treatment
Resolution 201 Effective May 3, 2019 Connection charges to public sewer system
Resolution 185 Adopted April 9, 2015 Violation Penalties, Costs and Fees
Resolution 186 Adopted April 9, 2015 Right to Know, Records Request Policy